Castellini East Anglia dealer

Cattani Suction systems  

Cattani Micro-smart - Ideal single surgery suction motor including amalgam recovery      (Call of promotional prices)           

Cattani Turbo-Smart- Perfect option to run either 2 surgeries or 4 with passward upgrade      

Durr Suctions systems

Durr VSA300- Again ideal single surgery suction motor including amalgam recovery                  

Durr VSA600 + CA4 Amalgam separator- 2 surgery suction system        

Please call for contact us for a detailed quote                                       


To insure your suction wont let you down when you need it the most Cattani & Durr offer a full service kit for all aspirators. The kits include all o-rings, waste valves, amalgam separator componets & capacitors. Please call for service pricing 07860151521.

Its been our experiance that motors serviced every 1-2 years have almost no brake downs (leaving the dentist with 1 less thing to worry about)

Cleaning tip- To unsure best possible performance clean suction with pulse buckets provided, use correct cleaning solutions (Cattani = Puli-jet / Durr = Orotel) and follow manufactures directions.

Spm can provide all cleaning products at request.