Spm Dental Equipment Engineers Limited


Dear Sirs,

Firstly I would to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support, valued business .

Curtis Wright has now been with SPM Dental for 4 and half years, He's completed his apprenticeship at collage and carried out training at Cefla, Durr, Cattani and recently completed a Pressure safe coarse allowing him to carry out PVI and written schemes of examination  

As most of you will already to we cover almost all the equipment in your surgery ‘from aspirators to x-raysWe can supply new, maintain old and arrange service contracts.

‘any piece of equipment brought from us will enjoy superb back-up and priority call outs thought out its life'

Poor suction, amalgam separator always faulty?

Generation 2 amalgam separators, high powered reliable suction motors are here.

Cattani micro-smart or Turbo-smart could just be what your looking for!

Chair and Unit packages-

The latest arrange of Castellini units are proving style, reliability, and affordability are still possible exciting and well worth a deeper look.

HTM 2022 Oil free Compressors- 

Depending on your specific needs we can supply quiet Durr, robust, larger surgeries Cattani or economical Ekom compressors all with or with-out dryer units.

Digital X-Rays-

We are now trained and licensed to sell, service and maintain Durr Vista Scanners.

Digital x-ray machines, OPG’s, direct digital sensors, X-Pod

Myray x-ray equipment brought to you from Celfa (a world leader in dentistry) We’ve been supplying their equipment for 8 years now and are getting brilliant feed back. All their equipment is packed with superb features and not a single failure to date.

Considering upgrades/ refurbishments, See something you like? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Keep checking the website where we’ll bring detailed product info, offers, news and much more.